Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, July 16, 2012

increasing regiments (I): Prussian 1st Regiment

Alraedy a while I am sitting on raising our regiments from 24 figures by regiment to 36. This number is much more useful in wargames and looks also more realistic. As I saw, most of the bloggers playing in 30mm do the same: almost there are regiments with at least 36 figures to see.

This shown Prussian regiment is an old one, done with moulds from Nürnberger Meterzinn. Some of the figures seem to be 40 years old... In the meantime I found a very talented seller of NMZ figures, who is also selling in Ebay, Hans. I asked him to cast me 20 pieces of the advancing musketeer and he did them for a very good price in excellent quality.
If you are also interested, just send him a mail: H.-J.Richter (at) T-Online.de

Honestly, this are the last figures I painted Meisterzinn; the semi-flat figures don´t really match with high-quality figures of Matthias-Manske or Sash&Saber.
But for completing an old regiment, it was a nice intermezzo.

oops, there is a Prince August grenadeer among them..

the flag is done in photoshop and printed on paper


  1. Very, very nice. This reminds me of my days of childhood when I was casting NMZ by myself. Wonderful times we've had though I hadn't been very succesful. :)
    A friend of mine, Uwe (maybe you know his blog - history in 1/72) created own regiments and we had a lot of fun playing our own wargaming rules.
    The figures look very good.
    Don't let us wait too long for your next post on your blog.

  2. Nice looking regiment

    -- Allan

  3. Very nice, Monseigneur. I like the old figures. It's good you found a reliable source to relieve the headaches of Meisterzinn casting.