Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Battles at Moeriken, Switzerland, in july 2009

Hi there! Just starting with a phenomenal firework of battle scenes of our second big "bataille" with our 40mm figures of Prince August and Nürnberger Meisterzinn (NMZ), we would like to introduce our family game we started last year. Now, installed as regular happening in summer each year, when our family meets in Switzerland at our grandmom, we play mostly 2 big battles inspired by the Seven Years War.
Hallo zusammen! Gleich wollen wir mit einem Feuerwerk von Schlachtszenen unserer zweiten grossen Schlacht mit unseren 40mm Zinnsoldaten von Prince August und Nürnberger Meisterzinn (NMZ) unser Familienspiel vorstellen. Letztes Jahr begonnen und als jährliches Event im Sommer fest eingeplant, wenn die Familie sich bei unserer Oma in der Schweiz einfindet, spielen wir meistens 2 grosse Schlachten

So, let me introduce my nephew Anselm (right), who is, living in Maine US., a brilliant Blitzkrieg-General of the Prussian army of Frederick the Great: he commands the Prussians with now r.a. 157 soldiers. Anselms father, my brother Raffael, is professor of history and THE BEST in his discipline - I adore him! But unfortunately, in battles, he is often too defensive and too careful. So I call him a Verduniste :-) ... Anselm and Raffael commanded the Prussian and the French alliance (yes, it´s true, while SYW this combination would be impossible, but we wanted equilibrated forces...).

My son Levent (left), my other nephew Malte (not visible, maybe just eating something while taking the pic..) and me were generals of the allied armies of Russia and Saxony.
So, 2 alliances were standing against each other:
France, under the command of Raffael, with 207 men at arms, and Prussia under Anselm, with 157 men at arms, against Russia (245 m-at-a) and Saxony (104 m-at-a), under the command of Levent (cavalry), Malte (artillery) and me (infantery).
So, all of us are germans and we fight always to the extreme, following more or less the personnel temperament.

On the left wing, Prussian Garde du Corps and 5th hussars started an unexpected attack just at the beginning of the battle (above); just in opposite, russian formation of combined forces of slobodskii hussars, infantery troops and mortars were planning a heavy response against this attack (below).

This tactic was successful: positioning 4 mortars behind the first row and advancing in closed formation, the prussian cavalry was erased in the first 20 minutes.
The prussian main army was moving too late against the enemy (below),:

And the frenchmen waiting around the fortress for an attack without entering into the heavy fight:

The decision: the left wing of the Prussians reduced, the french reserves killed or blocked at the fortress. The franco-prussian alliance capitulated and gave free the captured princess after 5 hours of battle...

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  1. I see many semi flat figures (Perhaps Prince August)? Lately it seems that you are not using them. Have you moved away from Semi Flats to fully rounded figures? If so, Warum?

    Danke Sehr.