Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Russia: Vengerskii and Slobodskii Hussars

Russia´s cavalry is now ready for the big summer battle - you can see the Slobodskaia Polka (slobodian regiment) showing an attack in the gallop during their manoeuvres in Regensburg, sweet boring Bavaria.... :-)
The slobodian regiment was composed by exilants from Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania - living in Russias western part - "New Russia" called, the region of south-western Ukraine.
I like their lightblue dolmans very much, they always look very fresh on the battlefield.
I hope they will survive the prussian bombardement...
Below the Vengerskaia Polka, the hungarian exilants´ regiment - also they were exilants from southern Hungary, some of them also refugees from the austrian monarchy...
Their blood-red dolmans are a good effect on the green-grey battlezone. The flag is showing an angel and in the style of an icon - its invented, I didn´t find any sources of russian hussar flags.

The figures are from Prince-August - the serie "Battle of Rossbach" - and  are the best figures of the serie.
"Вперёд в атаку!"

just a try with a montage - not too good...

aah!! in the center you see one figure of an old NMZ-serie

A try to show the speed...

Sunday, June 26, 2011

France: Le général et son officier

Two of the newest pieces of the Matthias-Manske-Manufaktur are these riding officers "en reconnaissants", observing the battlefield.
I like very much the left one holding the telescope, which is a prototype, especially done from Matthia Manske. I thank him such a lot for this great work he always do with his figures.
Follow my next post, I will present you 2 other officers, they will be saxons..

Thursday, June 23, 2011

France: train d´artillerie

Only some weeks till our annual battle, the french army is now well-prepared after an effort of reorganization of its artillery train. In the foreground you see a munition carriage, which I built in polystirol, added by some front parts of an old NMZ-limber and beautiful wheels of Matthias-Manske-Manufaktur.
It is the result of my research I did in the Marburger Digitales Archiv (http://www.digam.net/) which presents a lot of spectacular plans of our favourite century...
I re-calculated the measurements of a prussian carriage and added the typical, french details at the backside: the curved ladder, fixed above.
It is possible to open the cover and to fix it by a movable needle - but my construction is still a prototype and I will improve my technical system...
Below you will see the original map. Just enjoy now the pics I shot of my french train.

Originaltitel: Zeichnung eines 7 Grenad Wagens für die preussische reitende Artillerie - von 1790

And, at last, a more dramatical picture of a french cannon (limber and cannon from NMZ)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Prussia: König Friedrich II. mit Stabsoffizier

I put some new pics now of this set because I wasn´t happy with the former images..

Dear readers - sorry for my late posting in this blog after a while of silence - it´s dued to the big preparations to our battle wargame in july in Switzerland, when we will celebrate the annual, big family-battles. We will meet at our relatives there and place our armies for one or two big battles, involving Prussia (5 reg.), Russia (6 reg.), France (6 reg.), Saxony (2 reg.) and - the first time - Sweden (4 reg.). It´s still in discussion, which armies will be allied and  in which combination - we will see. So, the last weeks, I was occupied with the new terraining for the battlefield (ground 2,50m of 1,40m)  and some artillery-trains. More about this later.

Today I would like to present you the figures of Frederick II. with his guard officer, mounted on horses. The figures are from Matthias Manske and again delicious pieces of his edition.
I placed Frederick on a round plate (as seen at the Alte-Fritz-Blog) to check the effect. The guard officer is placed separately to give him the freedom to move during the battle and to take more positions: officer of the 1st regiment or the guard of the king.
I did again - just for fun - a montage with some backgrounds - this time a bavarian landscape, taken a few minutes from my home.