Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Battle of Torgau - in 3D

This is a preflight of our Torgau 3D-visualization, built in ArchiCAD, an architect´s tool, for showing the phases of the monstrous battle of Torgau 1760. The realm is quite huge, dued to Fredericks long flanking on the left side of the map in order to attack the Austrians from the north.
We will add the disposition of the morning and the late evening, with the burning village of Süpten.

The naked landscape will get realistic textures, shadows and the troupe of Prussians and Austrians.
The final image is part of the new book of Matthias Manske about the Seven Years War.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Russian 3rd Cuirassiers

Russian heavy cavalry got some reinforcement by this splendid green-toned Cuirassiers. I am not sure, if this an original color, worn during the campaigns in the Seven Years War, but I found in the huge Vinkhuizen library a nice picture of this regiment. So, I gave them the name of the 3rd Cuirassiers. The figures are of Matthias-Manske, the saddlebags are made of paper, their details are printed in the computer. I am sorry to confess, I am not talented enough to paint such small decals by hand....

"Kirasirskii nasladnika polk" - the following regiment - whatever that means...
source: Vinkhuizen

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Russian Infantry regiment Schlisselburg

Meanwhile I finished 3 new regiments, the first of them I would like to present you today: it´s the Russian line Infantry Regiment of Schlisselburg, the very beautiful town nearby St. Petersburg.
The privates are of Matthias-Manske, the officer is a Trident jewel (AWI Hessians range).
Their summer dress were worn for the campaigns in Poland and Pomerania.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Prussian Red Hussars

Not as promised, to paint faster the miniatures for the next time, is our today´s presentation of the Prussian Red Hussars, the HR 8. The miniatures are of Matthias Manske, out of his new range of Hussars and horses. Really great to paint and heavy in the weight!
They fall into a skirmish with Polish lancers here..

A try with the Pano-function of my mobile....

and the Polish lancers, also Matthias Manske figures...

Sunday, February 28, 2016

France: Regiment Champagne

Finished now the long silence on my blog for almost 3 months, dued to professional, daily work, which absorbed all the energy for painting miniatures.
Here I have my second regiment, coming out of the fabulous Trident manufacturers, the French of the FIW and SYW range, painted as the old regiment de Champagne. I agree, that the homogenous white coats, trousers and gaiters are a little bit boring to paint, but the typical cut of them are nice and also to make one of the oldest and traditional regiments of the French army.
Enjoy the pictures, I will let follow some more post in the near future.