Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Russia: supply train (I)

As for the Prussian army already built, now the Russians also got a supply train with grenades, powder and bred. I looked for the original colours of the Russian carriages and found in Russian sources more a brown-red for the statical parts and a dirty white for the upper parts. So, I weathered and bleached them for giving the impression of a long, hard summer campaign visible at the material.
The miniatures are from Matthias-Manske, one carriage is modified by myself with polystyrene boards. The barrel and nosebag are from Stronghold-Terrain (resin).
In the background Russian grenadiers advancing to the front.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Prussia: new 6 pdr-battery

Also the Prussian artillery undergoes a process of modernization. After taking away the old Meisterzinn-cannons with the semi-flat figures of Prince August, I ordered 3 6-pdr guns with staff at Matthias Manske and 2 3-pdr guns at Sash&Saber, painted them following the marvellous drawings of Christian Rogge (http://crogges7ywarmies.blogspot.de/).
Now, the relative strength of the Prussian artillery is equal to the Russian and the French.

On the pictures some exercises in a thundery environment - the warfare at the end of autumn...

the brave Sash&Saber guys with their 3-pdr battalion gun.

The officer is taken from the Prince August collection

Fertigmachen, bereit,....!

Matthias Manske miniatures

Monday, December 3, 2012

Russia: Regiment St. Petersburg


After a long break dued to professional affairs and trips I finally found time to finish the next Russian regiment; it is the Saint-Petersburg regiment. This regiment took part at the SYW, especially at the battles of Gross-Jaegersdorf and Kunersdorf.
The figures are all from Matthias Manske - I composed an advancing formation for easily moving them on the tabletop.

Thank you, Mosstrooper!

I have been kindly nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by Mosstrooper http://tinsoldieringon.blogspot.de/. Thank you very much for this honour.
I now have to list 5 blogs that inspire me and that I visit often, so I would like you present the following blogs:
1. Association Les Riflemen - http://riflemens.blogspot.de/: Phil is a impressive man with an incredible imagination and rich fantasy - his pictures and documentations are colourful and seducing me always into another world. Merci, Phil!
2. Emperor vs. Elector: - http://emperor-elector.blogspot.de/ - this was the first blog I found about wargaming in the mid 18. century and inspired me deeply, especially the splendid pictures of the tabletop games they did. It evoqued in me the wish to have a big table and a paysage for gaming battles. Merci, messieurs!
3. Dreispitz - http://dreispitz.blogspot.de/ - I adore Mike for his great talent how he paints the miniatures. He is - like me - quitely engaged in job affairs and find seldom free time to care about the figures. But in this hours he creates a fantastic oeuvre. I wished he would change into 40mm range, so I could meet him to wargame... Danke, Mike!
4.  Campaigns in Germania - http://campaignsingermania.blogspot.de/ - my respect to this group of gentlemen strategists warfaring complicated and complex battles with handbooks of rules - and always smiling. 
5. Torgau Project - http://torgauproject.blogspot.de/ - Fabrizio is in my eyes an artist, I am ravished about his talent to paint such small figures - his photo shots are well chosen and give an impression flying over a battleground. Grande rispetto, Fabrizio!
6. The sharp end of the brush - http://sharpbrush.blogspot.de/ - Rob is one of the small group of 40mm-collectors like me and he does a great job with his miniatures, full of fantasy and inspriration. He takes the freedom to create own, fictive armies in a harmonic colours concept. Greetings, Rob!