Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saxon Regiment IR 19, "Prinz Maximilian"

Saxony´s Infantry got a new Regiment, the number 19, called Prinz Maximilian. It is once more one of the very fashionable Regiments of the Saxon Army because of their special use of seldom and trendy colours. After presenting you the grenadeers "Kurprinzessin" with their "bleumourant" colour in the dress, the "Prinz Maximilian" uses the "russian green" - a green tone you cannot buy and find it also today rarely. I mixed the colour by myself and am fascinated by the semi-transparency, shiny effect of this green.
The figures have been ordered at Matthias-Manske and I composed a standing/kneeing selection of 24 figures. I like very much the real-life diversity of the composition and placed them on 3 big vignettes. This could be more difficult to handle while wargaming, but it allows me to plcae them closer to each other.
The flags are done in photoshop, as usual they are free to download. The scale is prepared for 40mm-figures and flags have a measurement of 32X45mm.
Hope you´ll like it.

Colonel´s flag

Regimental flag

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saxon Artillery repainted

Okay, I will be honest: at the fair at Kulmbach I found a fascinating book about the Saxon Army in the 1730s, written and edited by the former east-german military editor: Militärbuch-Verlag der DDR; the book´s name is "Die Armee August des Starken".

In this book there is a complete list of the Saxon Artillery stuff and illustrations. I immediately changed the colour of my artillery and train from the green into the black-brown with yellow metal fittings. But how to know the exact tone of yellow painted metal in the 18. century? I browsed on some pages about Saxony and found this:
source: www.sachsen-bilder.de

This cannons are part of the museum on the Burg Königstein in Eastern Saxony. I never believe in this light yellow and heavy contrast and decided to follow other sources.

On a painting of Canaletto at the city of Meissen, I found two examples, see here:

After comparing this painting with the book of the military archive of former GDR, I decided to use a more dark and ochre-orientated yellow for the metallic parts. In 2 nights I repainted then my whole Saxon Artillery...
See here the result:

The new black-yellow guns with staff

The riding drivers had different uniforms: here carrying a mortar

I also lightened the green uniforms.

And, as usual, here the official Artillery´s flag:

To download, just pull the image on your desktop: the size is scaled for 40mm figures.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saxon Grenadierbataillon Kurprinzessin

Dear followers, first my excuse for long-time silence, but maybe you know it also: the professional life absorbes sometimes a lot of energy and time. In the meanwhile I couldn´t produce as much as I would, but I have some news: today I start with the first part of four about my Saxon army. You see my grenadeer bataillon "Kurprinzessin", which got the name of Maria Antonia Walpurgis, Kurprinzessin von Sachsen. I like this regiment very much because of their seldom colour of a grey-blue, called bleumourant (a french fashion colour at this time: a "dying blue" what you see in the evening at the late sunset).
The figures are from Prince August and token from the Rossbach-serie. I like this moulds because of their high relief-quality, nevertheless they are semi-flat figures.
The standrad-bearers are from NMZ, the flags are selfmade in the computer after a long-during research of sources.
In the next post I will present you the renovated saxon artillery with some templates of uniforms.

You can see that not every figure came entirely out of the mould - they are some small mistakes. Honestly, a part of the regiment consists of old figures, which I repainted .

Colonel´s flag

Regimental flag