Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Thursday, November 17, 2011

France: new staff officer "Aide de Camp"

source: Vinkhuizen

Aaah, la France! The French were and are still the most elegant troups an the european battlefields. Regardless of the defeat at Rossbach, were they lost a lot of stuff, even the Prussians admitted the luxuriousness and pomp of the French carloads...
This staff officer, called Aide de Camp, will be a messenger for our wargame and he wears the blue coat of the officer staff. Matthias Manske made this officer especially for me and he succeeded again a precious miniature. Thanks to him!
Just enjoy the pics, the next officer will be from Saxony.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

France: Swiss Regiment No 90 from Zurich

This regiment No 90 is one of the famous Swiss regiments fighting in the services of Louis XV., garrisoned mostly in the western part of Germany and fighting at Hastenbeck and Minden. But this is not the reason why I decided to paint them; it´s more to bear in remembrance the city of Zurich, where we lived for several years. The regiment was recruited primarly in the small villages in the canton and in the city of Zurich.
It´s also a nice colour aspect in the mainly white coated french army.
The figures are from Sash&Saber, the flags self-done, but basing on the great artwork of Arnaud Brunel and his site drapeaux.org. I could take his flags as base and transformed them to adapt then to our formate and effects.

Colonel´s flag

regimental flag

Monday, November 7, 2011

Swedish Command Stand

My apologies for being quiet of late but I have been rounding off a number of projects, also having been in China for several time with quite a lot of marvellous impressions in the  mind.
So, sorry dear readers!

In the meanwhile, I ordered at Matthias Manske a new type of officer, a sort of messenger, called "Flügel-Adjutant", which is a staff officer who carry the newest general´s orders.
Manske modelled this figure and placed it on a range of possible horses.
The background of this request is a new change of rules we plan for our wargame: inspired by the fantastic wargame of The Perfect Captain, where is a complete instruction manual of a complex and exciting game, we also chose to introduce the new rule of a messenger in our wargame.
This messenger should carry a new order to the regiments positioned afar from the core, using the normal rule of the cavalry´s speed. So regiments faced to a skirmish can further not be controled by the player´s decision, but only seconding a character´s card, adapted to the officer´s temperament. Only if the messenger can bring a new order directly to this regiment, its officer can go in a manoeuvre concerning the general´s order.
We hope to improve our wargame; I will post more news about it after our first tests the next weeks.

This time, the swedish command is a gift for my brother Felix who is collecting and wargaming the swedish army. I wasn´t sure about the correct swedish uniforms and couldn´t find good sources about it. Ther was sthg. in Vinkhuizen, but I cannot tell if this the actual dress of the 1750´s.

Soon, I will let follow more!