Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saxon Chevauxlegers "Prinz Carl"

A beautiful Sash-and-Saber standard bearer is galloping into this image above. It is the first Chevauxlegers regiment I do for the Saxon cavalry. It is so particular because of their green coats which should be in a special "parrot green". No source is showing that color exactly, I found only a dark forest green representing their coats. I prefer this special, fancy green which gives a good contrast to the red turnbacks.
I wish a merry christmas to everybody!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Das Lager von Pirna 1756

Ths scenery should be a component of the Saxon defense strategy in 1745 (Kesselsdorf) and also in 1756 (Pirna), when the army withdraws of the Prussian invasion. So, I did a vignette showing a supply scene with hastily placed and stacked boxes, sacks and barrels with provisions for the upcoming besiege of the Prussian superiority.
It´s a vignette of 30x20 cm containing the outstanding barricade sets of Stronghold-Terrain, a set normally for 30mm dark age figures, but easily matching to our scale. The privates are hold in red Saxon uniforms of the supply troops and are composed of artillerists by Irregular Miniatures, Manske Zinnfiguren, Sash and Saber and, the officer, of Trident.

But it were not Saxony, if the supply has not some other surprises...

The officer is of the Adelige Kadettenkorps with their splendid red coats with white facings.
They hurry all!
The vignette has a backside..
Now, we understand, what is meant by totale supply in Saxony....  not for nothing, Saxony is well-known for the most beautiful girls in Germany... This daughters of joy are called Freudenmaedchen ("filles de joie"), indeed a really open welcome to the indenting troops... in every aspect...

One of the lads tried both: the Saxon Schwarzbeer AND the girl...

Here, I wanted to give a historical, serious aspect to the scenery and added the silhouette of the fortress Koenigstein in the background 
I still have the focus on the fortress, as you can see... They are miniatures of the fabulous El Viejo Dragon from Spain.

The wagon of the daughters is self-made, hold a little bit in the style of an early Canestoga Wagon.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saxon Cuirassiers Von Arnim

This is the second Saxon cavalry unit, ready for the first maneuvers in the Saxon-Bohemian mountains, scouting Prussian Hussars approaching the borderline.
The regiment "Von Arnim" has the typical Saxon crimson red on the lapels and makes a good contrast to the first Cuirassiers, the "Koeniglicher Prinz".
The figures are of Irregular Miniatures (Cuirassiers) and of Manske Zinnfiguren (Command).
The light in Bavaria is grey and the weather is cold - so you see, the shooting goes with the seasons...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Saxon Cuirassiers Koeniglicher Prinz

 The officer of this regiment is standing around here quite a while (I guess: 2 years?!) without his own regiment. So, it´s time to give him his lads. It´s the next component to increase the Saxon army by cavalry units.
Today I finished the regiment "Koeniglicher Prinz", which is outstanding with its lapels in bleumourant. The figures are of Irregular Miniatures and of Manske Zinnfiguren. Flags are made by following the templates of Stephen Summerfield´s wonderful book: "The Saxon Army" - I got one of the last books he had.
As you see, also the photo-shooting goes with the seasons - the Cuirassiers are approaching in a grey autumn morning...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Russian General Staff "Oberkommando"

In the serie of making command structures for all armies, today Russia got a new vignette, containing general, staff officer, standards and a "Trommelbursche" or "Barabanshik", an example of the oftenly seen trend, using adolescent drummer boys as decorative "accessories" in the armies of the 18. century.

Fortunately, the gorgeous Irregular Miniatures produce such a figure, out of the Marlburian range, and now placed between the standards and the officers (Manske Zinnfiguren).

As you can see, I tried to give them a "supra-flag", an outstanding motive for the whole army, which is in difference to the regimental flags. So, I found in russian sources examples of an original zaristic flag of the 18. century:

the original flag

It shows the Russian eagle on orange-yellow background. After this, it was easy to build my own flag with a black eagle in the center on the broad, yellow rectangle. On the backside the emblem of the Russian monarchy with the coat-of-arms of all bigger cities. Having flags twice or more, it gives a better visual effect. So, 2 standard bearers were placed, just for outlining the impressive color.

my own interpretation
Mr. general got one of the marvelous heads of Trident.

My little helper at the set. The upset princess Elsa is my daughter..

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Saxon generals

This Saxon generals are - in correspondence to the Prussian ensemble of officers around a map table - now placed as a CinC-vignette. The figures are Manske Zinnfiguren, the heads are changed and modified (from left: Manske, 2x Trident, Sash-and-Saber). The classical uniform of Saxon generals changed in 1753 from white coats to red ones. The exception is the general on the right - he is an artillery/engineer general with the typical green coat.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Saxon Regiment Graf Brühl

Here is my end-of-summer regiment, made completely of the fabulous Trident miniatures in US. Originally they are of the AWI Hessians range, but here you see them as Saxons in the SYW. It is the infantry regiment "Graf Brühl", a reinforcement to the brave Saxon army - in preparing the next summer battle, which will be a 1745 Kesselsdorf scenario against the Prussian invaders...