Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, February 20, 2012

Prussian grenade wagon refurbished

This grenade wagon was for a length of time waiting in the dark box to be redecovered a day. It´s a splendid model of Matthias-Manske, which I completed now with 3 new figures of the Prussian artillery corps. The typical grenade wagon was labeled with the letters "Grenaden Wagen" for to avoid mistakes in the heat of a bataille. Nowadays nobody would use this antiquated german lettering composed by 2 words; we just title it "Granatenwagen" - finish.

But I would not only present you this new composition, but also a quite interesting new delicacy from the japanese "Tamiya": it´s a weathering set in different colours of semi-humid pigments. It  looks like a make-up-casket with 3 tones, but the handling is easy and the effect great.
Just take a two-sided brush and grind colors, then apply it softly on the surface of the object.
Here is an image of the weathering set:

source: Tamiya
I worked on the waggon´s wheels and the edges of the wooden parts using the sand color similar to the summer ground on the platforms we use. The metallic parts like fittings got a darker cool shading.