Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Battle 2: Paleiten in East-Prussia

After the arrival of Anselm, what was long-timed expected, we immediately build up the tabletop and deployed a scenario, located in East-Prussia: A little village, called Paleiten, is in the hands of the Russian Corps (me), which installed itself after the victory of Gross-Jaegersdorf in the countryside, not without looting the population and the villages around....
The goal of the Prussian general (Anselm) was to take the village and to expel the Russians from this area.
Prussian Commanders (left) supervise the deployment. In the foreground our new Cuirassiers regiment, The Berlin Gensdarmes

Prussian officers discussing the range of their artillery pieces..

Anselm decided a clever strategy: approaching to the battle zone, he didn´t show his true intentions and moved in march columns a long time through the fields. Suddenly, he changed the formations of his regiments and build a right wing with Jaegers and Hussars and a left wing with 90% of his infantry, followed by horse artillery and Cuirassiers.
The Russian base camp in Paleiten

The Russians waited and waited, still in hope to lure the enemy to the reach of their own artillery.
It was a long, tactical manoeuvring, and both sides needed nerves of steel - hesitating, who will do the first mistake....
The first approach: the artillery is checking the distances and fires... In the background: Paleiten.

Right wing: Prussian light cavalry and Jaegers prepare to charge the Cossacks (right, in the center)

Brown Hussars galloping...

Cossacks´reaction: the leave the fortifications around the village and advance 

Russian general gives some orders

2 Dragoon regiments, Pskov and Tver, ready in the second line...

Russian fortified the village

Some hits of the Prussian artillery made them nervous - here the Novgorod infantry (Nuernberger Meisterzinn - still in duty...)

Also this faces show some anxious emotions....
Then, the Russians, under pressure of Prussian´s left flank,  made a sortie with the red Hussars - who were pulverized by the Prussian horse artillery in 1 turn...
At the same time, some skirmishes between Prussian Jaegers and Hussars and the wild Cossacks took place on the other flank, without any decision.
Prussian Cuirassiers von Kyau

Hungarian Hussars begin the attack

... against this Prussian infantry, already changing the formation

The Russian Ulans started a manoeuvre to the center, charging the Prussian Cuirassiers, accompanied by the Slobodski and Yellow Hussars from the other flank.
But the Prussians had no mercy: The infantry formed a square and Cuirassiers and artillery destroyed this attack.
Russian Ulans charging...

...this enemy: Prussian Langermann Dragoons

Berlin Gensdarmes and artillery already awaiting the attack

Russian reserve is mobilized, but enclosed between village and forest - they cannot deploy

The Russian beauties (in my opinion) in reserve - The Leibdragoons, which I prevent normally from damage...

No chance for the Russians, and they retired....