Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Friday, April 26, 2013

Prussia: 1st hussar regiment

 This is the first unit of Prussian hussars No 1, which has the characteristic parrot green for trousers and jacket and a nightgreen for the dolman. Some skirmish tests in the following pictures against Saxon regiment "Queen" shows their attack power.
I am thinking about to create just a few Prussian squadrons of hussars (10-12 figures each) than complete regiments (16-18 figures each) - just because I enjoy the different colours of them and would have a variety on the battlefield.
The figures are Matthias-Manske hussars.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Prussia: supply train


Dued to professional things, it was not posssible to produce more this month, since my last post..c as life goes its usual way. Today, I finished two Prussian supply wagons from Matthias-Manske, painted in a dark blue with some brown touch. I long time looked for the exact colour of this kind of carriage and found several sources.

Last week I visited then Dresden again and took the opportunity to go to the Military Museum, which is newly opened after renovation. Daniel Libeskind was the architect, but is concept is not convincing.
What I found, was a Prussian wagon in original, system Gribauval, which inspired me for painting the two wagons:

source: Heeresgeschichtliches Museum der Bundeswehr, Dresden; Privataufnahme

source: Heeresgeschichtliches Museum der Bundeswehr, Dresden; Privataufnahme

So I decided this colour mix and printed the covers of the wagons in the computer, including the description, as the Prussians usually did: "Pulver Wagen." and "Grenaden Wagen."

I detected also some pearls of the 18. century: an original coat of a Prussian officer, wounded by an French grenade at Minden - following the description, he was 26 years old at this time, but survived the SYW after amputation of his left arm.
It is - nonetheless - a really frightening sight and very emotional to see how close this individual destiny appaers - despite the 260 years difference to the happening:

source: Heeresgeschichtliches Museum der Bundeswehr, Dresden; Privataufnahme