Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

France: Régiment Auvergne rebased

Monsieur le Colonel à gauche
The french regiments are all in renovation and rebased on our standard platforms for an easier handling at the next wargame in summer 2011, when Scheckinator will arrive in Europe.
I changed the regiment´s flag into a violet-black fundation around the white cross; the source from Mouillard indicated a dark blue like in the uniforms as fundation - so I don´t know the truth exactly. The figures are from Sash&Saber 40mm from the SYW-Collection.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saxon artillery: also placed on a vignette

My favorite army is from Saxony - Die Armee des Kurfürsten August. Leider ist Sachsens Glanz bislang nur am Hofe sichtbar - der Reichtum aus Handel und Wirtschaft schlägt sich noch nicht in Armeeausgaben nieder. Bisher verfügen wir über lediglich 2 Grenadier- und 1 Füsilierregiment. Im neuen Jahr steht hier ein weiteres Regiment zum Bemalen an.
Just enjoy the pics, some of them are montages with original Silesian background.

French artillery: a small, first vignette

Also for France I started modeling a kind of set for the artillery and train. Also this platform has dimensions of 10x15cm, the figures are Prince August moulds and NMZ.
Just for fun, I did a montage on some pics to check the effect. Enjoy it!

Russian artillery: Schuvalov secret howitzer finished

The secret howitzer is now finished and placed on a new vignette, ready for the next battle. The vignette has dimensions of 10x15cm and can displaced easily.
Take a view to the great work of Matthias Manske modelling all original details of the russian summer dresses and equipments. The bombardiers wear their coats over the shoulder, because they passed the night before under arms, awaiting a possible prussian attack...
See some details of the uniforms at the following sources.

"Bombardirskie Shapki" is written on this copper plate: the helmets

"Bombardirskii Ofizer"

"Bombardirskii Barabanshik"- The drummer

Aus: Knoetel Uniformkunde

Monday, December 6, 2010

Russian artillery gets a Schuvalov secret howitzer

A special edition from Matthias-Manske figures is now the half-pud unicorn ("odinorog"), one of the new batch of artillery pieces, designed by Shuvalov. It is crewed by a corps of bombardiers with the typical, particular helmets.
Russians included a variety of unusual or experimental guns in their field artillery park. The Shuvalov howitzer had an oval rather than a round bore.
More about it later, I have to start with painting!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

New chairs in the house: Neo-Rokoko!

Traveling to Berlin we found new chairs for our living room: a Neo-Rokoko-style of shape with different colours inspired by the culture of pop. Sweet Anush is already posing on them.

New Matthias-Manske Trumpeter for Saxony´s Cuirassiers

Matthias Manske Zinnfiguren edited a very fantastic collection of cavallerists in 40mm which fascinates me in its special effects of proportioning, the details and the behaviour of this figures. Saxony´s Regiment "Königlicher Prinz" is now completed with this musician. He wears the official Livrée of the court, here in blue.

A great step for the coming battles against Prussia.