Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Russian Horsegrenadiers en bataille

My Russian Cavalry-Regiment "Leibdragoner" of the Tsar grows slowly, but today i am able to present the first 12 figures. I did some battle pictures on my tabletop against Prussian Infantery, deploying some skirmishs of Kunersdorf 1759. I like very much the iuxtaposition of the miniatures of different manufacturers - here some Prince-August Grenadiers against the Matthias-Manske Horsegrenadiers.
Can you smell the biting tang of fire and smoke in this picture??

Sunday, February 17, 2013

France: Regiment No 70 "Flandres"

This is a Walloon regiment of the French army, the french speaking part of the Belgian population. I like them very much, especially because my relatives lives there and each visit begins with a warm welcome, a good cuisine and a impressive landscape.
Et voilà: Flanders, called Flandres is newly integrated in the French ranks.
The figures are Sash&Saber troops of the serie "French and Indian War".

Deployment: in front the Swiss Lochmann, Flanders and, in the background, Auvergne.

The French Staff Officers (Matthias-Manske-Miniatures)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

tracking and tracing in Zorndorf 3D

That´s a good example of our work to find the right and true traces in the battle of Zorndorf.. Vicky is a young architect and very talented, also in 3D-design - she helps me doing the maps. The image shows Vicky´s remarks sitting over different sources and creating a realistic montage of the territory and the armies´deployments. Poor Vicky, I confused her also with my memories of the site, being in Zorndorf 2 years ago...
I remember the river No 3 as a street between Zorndorf and Quartschen, but old sources tell different stories... omg!

As you can see, we torture ourself, not by business, just by idealism.. isn´t it scary?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Kunersdorf and Zorndorf in 3D

Can you see the idyllic village of Kunersdorf in the center of the image? And the fortress, built by the Austro-Russian allies just in the north of it? This image will be the base for a 3D simulation of the battle of Kunersdorf 1759. The sprawled fires and smokes are result of the Austrian devastations the day before the battle... 
We will do 4 images describing the most horrible battle in the Seven Years War for a book.
Each image will show a deciding phase. More about it later. it isn´t still finished!

And this will be the animated battle of Zorndorf 1758. Above you see the territory, rendered  in the computer, still white; and below, the base for the battle pictures. Haha, Seydlitz will appear from the lower right side of the image, jumping out of the forest with 6000 cuirassiers!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prussian Jaegers sneaking up to a village

Vorwärts Jungs, da lang!
The Prussian Jaegerkorps arrived from Matthias-Manske and were painted immediately as a Feldjaeger battalion, having order to charge Austrian Pandours which should be near the village.
The figures are placed separately on small, round vignettes, to be used as a skirmishing unit.
I am inspired by the marvellous rule book "Black Powder", which describes syllabi of how to lead armies, their brigades and units. The authors tell about regular and irregular troops - both of them have different skills in combat actions. This Prussian unit will operate as a free battalion without battle order. It is a new experience following this rule, but first tests on the tabletop went well.
They will be integrated in a combined Brigade.

The picture looks a bit like the Deutsche Wehrmacht advancing in Ukraine 1941, but it is purposeless... it´s just the summertime sadness of East-European landscape all around..

I bought some civilians at Sash&Saber, from their AWI-serie, and I like them very much.
Here two farmers, following the Prussian Jaegers with worried eyes.