Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Russia: Permski regiment finished

The second long-during project is finished now, my first complete Matthias-Manske-Regiment in 40mm. They are freely composed of different figures of his collection, I just wanted to have the advancing character of the whole rank. So, I like very much the different way they hold the weapon, looking in different directions, marching and falling wounded - and all in the white biten dust of the battlefield.
My russians wear winter uniforms in the typical dark green. Next regiment will get the summer dresses in red.

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  1. Those are some fantastic pics with the casualty shots and well done.

    It does get cold early in the morning even in the summer time, as far as those coats are concerned.