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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Russia: Charkowski Hussars finished and rebased

My yellow hussars from the Russian army are already a couple of years old and almost packaged in dark boxes, hidden from daylight... They are figures from a - in fact - beautiful edition of Prince August, not completely threedimensional, but okay in the details. I painted them 8 years ago and now, I renovated them and placed them on new vignettes -  3 figures on each platform 7x8cm.

The "joltii gusari", called yellow hussars were located in the north-eastern Ukraine and changed their dolmans r.a. in 1760-62 into the black ones. I preferred this uniforms, but also because I am really a great fan of the Ukraine. 
Look at the banner; there is written "S NAMI BOG" - "god with us"-  and is a banner of the 16. cent. - but till now I couldn´t ever find any sources about the russian hussar flags. I chosed a religious one, inspirated by the orthodox iconic painting.


  1. These look good. There was a hobby magazine called Gorget and Sash decades ago who talked about these guys, but they were very hard to find even when they were current. I can't remember if they had anytthing on the colors.

  2. Thanks, mekelnborg - I also contacted already russian guys on russian forum if they know more. What I heard is, that the hussars hadn´t regular flags like the infantry. They were composed by regions and nationalities, all immigrants in this area of Ukraine.
    Thank you so much for your regukar comments - it´s a great honour and also a pleasure for me.

  3. Der Sommer - und mit ihm die große Schlacht zu Möriken - naht. Das Feld ist vom Blut der vergangenen Schlachten gereinigt. Es kann losgehen!
    Bin ich eigentlich die Einzige aus der Familie, die diesen Blog verfolgt?
    Liebe Grüße