Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Sunday, June 26, 2011

France: Le général et son officier

Two of the newest pieces of the Matthias-Manske-Manufaktur are these riding officers "en reconnaissants", observing the battlefield.
I like very much the left one holding the telescope, which is a prototype, especially done from Matthia Manske. I thank him such a lot for this great work he always do with his figures.
Follow my next post, I will present you 2 other officers, they will be saxons..


  1. Superb 18th Century Gentlemen surveying the Field of Mars...
    Excellent figures again.
    best wishes

  2. Interesting minis indeed, but *why* in 40mm, not 28-30mm? The diversity of scales divide the wargaming community playing a given period in incompatible 'subsections'... Union gives strength!

  3. Thank you Alan, everytime a great pleasure reading news from you!

    @ abdul666: The question about the scale, 40mm or 28-30mm, is a difficult one - my reason for continuing the 40mm scale is the compatibility with our old figures of Prince August and Nürnberger Meisterzinn (and also some Sash&Saber-Editions). Nowadays I love very much the details (behaviours, shadows, faces,..) in this scale, which aren´t possible in smaller figures.
    But yes, wargaming community is divided in the realm of gaming - but we give respect and attention to each other, always!

  4. I also like the look of these command figures as well. And I second the choice of 40mm. That is what I also collect, primarily Prince August. Herr Manske was kind enough to send me his catalog but I have never bought any due to 7 euros per figure not a good deal for Americans given the exchange rate.

    I've been enjoying reading everything on this blog. Wonderfully painted units and battle scenes. But I must ask the natural question, Monseignieur - why did you never create an Austrian army ?

    Steve C.

  5. Dear Steve - thank you for the post - I am ravished getting news from you. I only knew you from the collector´s site of Prince August where I found your magnificient painted figures of the french army - I adored your style always and wanted to reach your ability of painting - great!
    To your question about Austria: well, they are the bad ones (we are prussians...) and I don´t want to spend time for painting this devils..:-) - they just don´t exist in our minds.
    I know, this is not correct, but if you hear them talking their dialect, you will understand..