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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New book edited: Der Weg nach Leuthen -The Way to Leuthen

This is the reason for my absence the last days: Matthias Manske, the Manufacturer of figures, wrote a manuscript some years ago about the background of the battle at Leuthen 1757. He also built a quite impressioning diorama with hundreds of figures.
I offered him to layout this manuscript and to edit a book. A research of old maps, sources, images began and we completed the book now this week.
Manske writes in an exciting way about the the role of Prussia in the early 18th century and puts focusses also on Great Britain, France (including the consequences of the SYW to the french revolution), Austria, Russia and Sweden. The battle reports of Kolin, Roßbach and Leuthen are described in details and explained from different points of view.
A lot of maps from the digital archive Marburg and pitcures of tin soldiers complete the book.
See here some extracts of the book:

You can buy the book at Matthias Manske: matthias.manske-zinn(at)web.de


  1. I am presuming that this book is written in German (not English) . . . is that correct?

    -- Jeff

  2. Unfortunately yes, Jeff; but we planned to translate it into an english version and the end of the year. I will post news about that, ok?
    Thanks for your comment - you are an always welcome reader!


  3. I am really looking forward to the English version. An excellent looking book- well done to all concerned!

  4. It looks pretty good even in Double Dutch, good work. I saw a book something like that a long time ago using flats for the SYW for dioramas, in a school library.

  5. Thanks Alan! We already work on the english version and also on some 3D-visualizations of the battles in the computer.
    Next year will be the 300 birthday of Frederick the Great and we plan to do some special editions.
    @ mekelnborg: thank you also, I hope you will like the book in english, I will show you some work in progress soon!
    Now I am ocupied with painting some swedish units from Prince August figures.
    - Monseigneur

  6. Monseigneur,

    Congratulations of the book collaboration. Looks like an exciting project. I look forward to the English version as well.

    Also look forward to seeing your PA Swedes. Do you have the new pikemen and (Russian) horse grenadier molds ? I will order at least one of the horse grenadier molds soon, but have been waiting to see if PA will release anything else new.

    Best regards,

  7. Is this book available in PDF form for downloading? What is the cost of the book including shipping to the USA and the cost of

    Many thanks.

  8. @Steve: Thank you for the nice words again, Steve! I just looked at the PA-site and saw with a great pleasure the new moulds - I will order the pikeneers; the russian cavalery looks splendid - I hesitate still... :-)
    I am now painting some PA-grenadeers from the Rossbach-serie - really beautiful figures!

    @John: the book costs 20.- Euro, I heard from Mr. Manske, the shipping to US r.a. 7.- - so 30-32$. I will ask him if he could give you a downloadlink.
    Thanks for your interest!

  9. looking forward to the English version of the book as well

    -- Allan