Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, August 22, 2011

Swedish Regiment Dalarnas

This is one of the nicest results of our big sumer battle in Switzerland; my brother Felix starts also collecting tin soldiers and he focussed his emphasis to the swedish army during the SYW. As beginner, we decided to do most of the figures with moulds from Prince August - easy to do and faster to paint as others.
Which you see is the regiment Dalarnas, one of the swedish provincial regiments. We are still not sure, which tone of yellow Sweden used during the SYW: if you see at the swedish-russian reenactments, the yello is clear like a sunflower yellow. If we look at older sources (Knötel and others), we see a more curry-yellow. The second one is our preferred choice.
You can see the less details at this figures, thea are also smaller and thiner than other collections.
Thanks to Steve Cady who gave me the link to Prince August´s new edition of pikemen, we will order now this 2 moulds and complete a swedish phalanx: not really up-to-date to the SYW, but very efficient in our battle games against cavalry.
The flags I did in Photoshop, using some basic symbols found at swedish sites and built the details and shadows myself.


  1. Great to hear your brother is now collecting too. A great choice the Swedes- they fought a small but fascinating campaign against the Prussians in the syw. Figures and flags excellent .
    best wishes

  2. Hi Alan, my brother is 13 years old and this is a good age o start with collecting. We ordered now new moulds by Prince August. I agree with you about the Swedes during the SYW - but not many sources to find about their stay in Pommerania, only in Duffy´s book.
    Best wishes

  3. Very nice, Monsiegneur ! I too have painted that regiment, although my hand-painted flags are not nearly as nice.

    Regarding the new PA Karoliners, I agree with you that the pikemen are not so useful for the 7YW. However, # 912 has a figure ready to carry the pike erect in "march attack" pose, plus the mold has a spare pole arm, hence he can be quite useful for an NCO or lower ranked officer.

    Best regards,