Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Saxon Artillery repainted

Okay, I will be honest: at the fair at Kulmbach I found a fascinating book about the Saxon Army in the 1730s, written and edited by the former east-german military editor: Militärbuch-Verlag der DDR; the book´s name is "Die Armee August des Starken".

In this book there is a complete list of the Saxon Artillery stuff and illustrations. I immediately changed the colour of my artillery and train from the green into the black-brown with yellow metal fittings. But how to know the exact tone of yellow painted metal in the 18. century? I browsed on some pages about Saxony and found this:
source: www.sachsen-bilder.de

This cannons are part of the museum on the Burg Königstein in Eastern Saxony. I never believe in this light yellow and heavy contrast and decided to follow other sources.

On a painting of Canaletto at the city of Meissen, I found two examples, see here:

After comparing this painting with the book of the military archive of former GDR, I decided to use a more dark and ochre-orientated yellow for the metallic parts. In 2 nights I repainted then my whole Saxon Artillery...
See here the result:

The new black-yellow guns with staff

The riding drivers had different uniforms: here carrying a mortar

I also lightened the green uniforms.

And, as usual, here the official Artillery´s flag:

To download, just pull the image on your desktop: the size is scaled for 40mm figures.


  1. Super figures and excellent artillery- I have the book you mention on my shelves as I type this. I would love to see the Janissary Guard on your tabletop...
    best wishes

  2. lovely figs, excellent photography - a very enjoyable blog

    Must crack on with my own 40mm project

    -- Allan

  3. Next time in Kulmbach can you front me a copy of that, I saw a reference to the book when I was researching their great moment at Kesselsdorf but they do not sell it anywhere near here. Those dummkopfs don't know their customer is here.

  4. Alan: Thank you for the compliment - yes, the Janissar would be great - amybe Manske can modell something like this for me, I have to ask...

    tidders: go on with 40mm, we are too few fellows in this scale!

    mekelnborg: give me an e-mail-contact of you, I will take a look if I can find a book for you, it should be possible here in Germany.

    Thank you all! Soon, the Saxon regiment Maximilian is ready to pose in my blog!

  5. Oh yes I would appreciate that effort. Also my Mom threw away my 'Reiter, Husaren und Grenadiere' book which when I got it was only 14 Mark 80, for cluttering up her basement!

    (all one word no spaces)
    ed it ionspdidi60 @ hot mail.com

    There should be some traffic rolling through because I pointed an article link here, for people to see the Saxons.