Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, September 26, 2011

Saxon Regiment IR 19, "Prinz Maximilian"

Saxony´s Infantry got a new Regiment, the number 19, called Prinz Maximilian. It is once more one of the very fashionable Regiments of the Saxon Army because of their special use of seldom and trendy colours. After presenting you the grenadeers "Kurprinzessin" with their "bleumourant" colour in the dress, the "Prinz Maximilian" uses the "russian green" - a green tone you cannot buy and find it also today rarely. I mixed the colour by myself and am fascinated by the semi-transparency, shiny effect of this green.
The figures have been ordered at Matthias-Manske and I composed a standing/kneeing selection of 24 figures. I like very much the real-life diversity of the composition and placed them on 3 big vignettes. This could be more difficult to handle while wargaming, but it allows me to plcae them closer to each other.
The flags are done in photoshop, as usual they are free to download. The scale is prepared for 40mm-figures and flags have a measurement of 32X45mm.
Hope you´ll like it.

Colonel´s flag

Regimental flag


  1. Trying to ape the artillery last week I mixed a dark hunter green with light avocado, close to a light olive, to come up with something like the medium green. But when I do that, it is use it all now and then it dries up.

  2. Fabulous - cracking unit.

    -- Allan

  3. Just a thought you may be interested in the SYW range from

    http://www.irregularminiatures.co.uk/ -- Follow 42mm link on bottom of page, and select the Seven Years War link on the left



  4. Allan, thank you for the link with the figures of irregularminiatures - I looked there around and I like them. Thanks for your comments - very happy to read them!