Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, July 29, 2013

New Book released: Krieg an sechs Fronten - war on six fronts

After my announcement a while ago working on some 3D renderings of the battles of the SYW, their final result found now a place in the newly released book "Krieg an sechs Fronten" - "war on six fronts".
The author and writer is Matthias Manske, who is also known as manufacturer of 40mm-miniatures. He has a wonderful, exciting flow of writing and describes in this book Prussia´s acutely difficult situation in the years of 1758-1759. Surrounded only by ennemies, the Prussian army hastened from one place to the next to fight and to avoid the breakup of this young state in Europe.
We did the layout for this book, added pictures of miniatures and created renderings of the battles at Zorndorf and Kunersdorf.
The terrifying battle of Kunersdorf: the initial operation in the morning. Prussian batteries fire, the infantery is advancing through the forest. Thanks to Vicky and Steve, they created all renderings. Cutout of the original image.

Just have a look to a typical page:
typical layout of the book; here with a coloured diagram of Zorndorf, explaining all the actions. We studied 5 different sources and maps to evaluate the original event.

Highlight of the book are the renderings of Kunersdorf - here you find 4 double-pages with all the operations at sunrise till sunset of this day:

Kunersdorf, the last operations - everything is in fire. Cutout of the original image.

Summary: After travelling to the locations of the SYW, after studying written and drawn sources we composed this renderings with the most possible and serious accuracy.
Manskes text sweeps around this graphics in an easy-readable and exciting style.
Some of my own miniatures found place as high-res photographies - all-in-all a fine and entertaining documentation of this period.

I already encouraged Steve with his marvellous blog "Castles of Tin" to publish his splendidly painted figures in a book - I hope he will think about that? :-)

The book is available here:
Volume II of our chronicle about the history of the Seven-Years-War in the Middle of Europe, which had finished the domination of the Habsburgers in Germany. Since July 2013 available at PH.C.W. SCHMIDT publisher or on the link in the bottom.
A detailed and very lively reappraisal of the occurrences and campaigns at the river Oder and in Silesia, Bohemia, Moravia, Saxony and Western Germany. Analysis of the battles of Domstadtl, Zorndorf, Hochkirch, Bergen, Minden, Kay, Kunersdorf and Maxen in a modern and very clearly form of expression. It is the first time, that all locations get connected in a geographical senseful way in the text. Therefore, all incidents are very comprehensible and the text is easy to read. Overall, we create many toy-soldiers photos in the style of film clips. Graphic-designers made battle plans with 3-dimensional effects and coloured schemes.

Matthias Manske: Krieg an sechs Fronten

ISBN: 978-3-87707-883-9
Erlangen 2013
Language: German
Vertical format 210 x 280 mm, 199 pages,
with many coloured pictures and illustrations
glossy softcover

Euro 29.00 (US $ 38,50)
matthias.manske-zinn (at) web.de


  1. It looks fantastic! I will ask my wife for it for my birthday, or perhaps Christmas.

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  2. That looks terrific but sadly not in English.