Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, September 10, 2018

New sculpt by Steve Barber: French trooper of the Gardes du Roi and Gendarmerie

I am very proud to present my first own 40mm commission at the wonderful studio of the marvelous sculptor Steve Barber. I know his figures from the former series "The 3 Musketeers", which he did wonderfully and I bought the whole series. Since I saw on Carmen´s Painting Blog his 40mm Samurais, I decided to ask him for sculpting me the French troops "en cheval": It is a basic sculpt for all French of the "Maison du Roi", eg. the Gendarmes, the Gardes du Corps and others.
I can paint them with the classic red coats, as Scottish Gendarmes, as Gendarmes de la Reine or as all the Guards with the magic blue coats.
I wait with impatience, you can imagine...
But it takes a while for a master mould, and then it goes to the mass production.
Now we are discussing on a trumpeter and an officer...

You can order soon this figure with horse at Steve´s Homepage: link


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, that´s a masterpiece, indeed! I am very happy to have this in short future!!

  2. I have already contacted Steve and pre ordered 40
    Great idea and I look forward to the officer and trumpeter.
    Most of my 40mm collection is Sash and Sabre. Will your sculpt be the same scale.
    I find Front Rank 40mm much larger than S and S

    1. Wow, Graham, he willl be happy! That´s a honor for me. i also wait with impatience to the figures. S&S are a little bit shorter, but in a deployment on the table, you don´t notice. They are very particular and a regiment of them looks always great among the others.

    2. Awesome looking figure.
      Will you consider comissioning the Musketeers de la Garde du Roi?
      Please contact me a flydan73@yahoo.com.
      My name is Daniel.
      I have already contacted Steve and i am interested in comissiin the Musketeers.
      Best regards

  3. Well portrayed. The information helped me a lot. Tnx!!

  4. Magnifiques sculptures, pleines de détails. Félicitations Cordialement de la lointaine République Argentine

  5. Carmen (samurai commissioner) here!
    Absolutely loved this gorgeous figure when Steve posted it on Facebook! Great idea for a commission.
    I also hope to see Graham's troop of 40 posted to the internet somewhere when it's all done and painted.


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  7. Great ones - they are on my wishlist for 1/72 too.