Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Prussian IR42


Wonderful Vanguard miniatures used as Prussian Infantry regiment IR 42 with the orange lapels.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

French Gardes du Corps, 3me Compagnie, sculpted by Steve Barber

Finally, after more than one year, I could find the time to paint this fantastic sculpts by Steve Barber, which I commissioned at his studio. I painted them as the Garden du Corps du Roe with the yellow flags, so it's the third Compagnie. A fantastic experience having his own commissioned figures and to paint them then. The figures come with separate arms, so you can paint them easily and in short phases, which is quite comfortable, if you don't have the time to paint 5-6 hours without a break. I confess, that I invested the last day 6 hours to finish the paint job, base them and making the grass, pigments and dust .. It's a great joy to have them and I plan already a new commission at Steve.. 

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Winter battle as a test game

After so long time without occupying with my hobby, this winter came and made a change to this dormancy.. just prepared some regiments, gluing broken helmets, guns or bases and we met for our first winter game. It was the only sunny day in February here and we immediately went to the garden to build the tabletop, placed the former and the buildings, trees and hedgerows.
Topic was to prove the game rules which we had discussed just before.
But once you have placed your army, you are in this war-gaming fever and we fought a nice battle between Prussian army and the Russian invaders.

Aggressive Prussian advance from the left against the Russian center...

Prussian reserve troops on the outer left wing

The Cuirassiers of the KR10 Berlin Gensdarmes..

And KR5 Cuirassiers as second rank..

The Russian center awaiting the attack from behind the forest

A combined army group

other perspective

Prussian hussars en garde..

Moldawien and Slobodski hussars on the Russian side intercepting this attack..

terrible skirmish between Prussian yellow hussars and the Russian lancers and hussars

Now, heavy cavalry intervenes.. the Leibdragoons...

Russian artillery behind the hill tries to support their own cavalry by heavy fire

the other Russian flank moves now..

..leaded by General Shuvalov

Ryazanski horse grenadiers in charge

and the Russian infantry 

Prussian battery

Prussian fusiliers f the 42nd regiment behind a hedgerow

Anselm and Matthias, the Prussian Generals, suffered in the cold weather after 2 hours of war-game....

Monday, September 10, 2018

New sculpt by Steve Barber: French trooper of the Gardes du Roi and Gendarmerie

I am very proud to present my first own 40mm commission at the wonderful studio of the marvelous sculptor Steve Barber. I know his figures from the former series "The 3 Musketeers", which he did wonderfully and I bought the whole series. Since I saw on Carmen´s Painting Blog his 40mm Samurais, I decided to ask him for sculpting me the French troops "en cheval": It is a basic sculpt for all French of the "Maison du Roi", eg. the Gendarmes, the Gardes du Corps and others.
I can paint them with the classic red coats, as Scottish Gendarmes, as Gendarmes de la Reine or as all the Guards with the magic blue coats.
I wait with impatience, you can imagine...
But it takes a while for a master mould, and then it goes to the mass production.
Now we are discussing on a trumpeter and an officer...

You can order soon this figure with horse at Steve´s Homepage: link

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Matthias-Manske-shop is still open

Due to the new European law of data privacy protection, every online shop has to work on a data privacy protection with a lot of restrictions in using visitors informations. This is, regarding the intention, not the badest idea of our politics. But the consequence is terrible: to create such a data privacy protection, you need  a lawyer, an expert and that means round about 10.000 Euro. I do not know how all the little shops should realize that, it is such an amount of money.
You could also ignore it. Or do it later.
But not in Germany. If you don´t, there are a lot of louche lawyers who only wait for that and then accusing you, because you do a violation of competition - easily you can be in the situation to have to pay a huge penalty (up to 50.000 Euro...). Great, Germany, great...

So, poor Manske, has to rebuild his website. But you can order figures furthermore. Just send him an e-mail: link