Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saxon Regiment von Minckwitz

Again a range of the fabulous Trident Miniatures which I couldn´t resist and had to paint them as Saxony´s infantry regiment von Minckwitz with their french blue lapels. The formation is advancing and gives, although they are regularly placed on rectangular vignettes, a dynamic effect.
Trident Miniatures take more time to paint, but at the end, all efforts are it worth.
One reason more to order a new package of figures to paint....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Graf Rutowsky

Saxonys´ best General, Graf Rutowsky, who warned his Majesty of the Prussian invasion in 1756 and got prepared his troops, is now commanding the 4 cavalry regiments I finished. Unfortunately, he couldn´t convince the command structures to rally and to defend Saxony against Frederick II..
His revival in our armies will correct this historical mistake - he will lead the Saxon cavalry corps.
The miniature is of the fabulous Trident, also the officer beside him (Hessians, AWI range).

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Russian Dragoons "Pskov"

A new Russian cavalry regiment is finished now, recruited in the old city of Pskov, near the Latvian border. Wearing the classic Russian blue coats, I like in particular the orange flag in combination with a light brown saddle cloth. That´s all.
The troopers are from the range of Irregular Miniatures (poor Ian - he produced more than 100 horses and riders the last half year only for me!!), the command is from Matthias Manske.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saxon Chevauxlegers "Prinz Albrecht"

Next Saxon cavalry regiment finished: Prinz Albrecht Chevauxlegers, which had cold grey coats and fir green turnbacks. Following Dr. Stephen Summerfield, this regiment was stationed in Poland during the warfare of the Prussians in 1756 and avoided the fate of the Saxon units captured at Pirna. Later in the SYW, they served with the Austrian army (Kolin, Breslau, Leuthen).
They wore first the grey uniform, which was taken later by the Feldjaeger corps.
A combination of Irregular miniatures (troopers) and Sash and Saber (command).

Monday, January 19, 2015

The "Teufelsmauer"

Teufelsmauer as model....
This post shows just a short intermezzo between painting amounts of cavalry horses and troopers for Saxony... Changing the scale of brushes, cuts and dimensions, I decided to build some terrain elements for the tabletop. First piece is the impressing "Teufelsmauer", the "Devil´s wall", which exists in reality. It is simply a geological fault, but in middle-age, Germans believed in satanic work - only he could build such strange formation in the flat landscape of Saxony-Anhalt. The wall is near Quedlinburg and it´s quite sure, that at least the Prussians passed this area.
The silhouette is also an often used background for medieval horror movies like "Black Death", if somebody knows it.
Our Teufelsmauer is now 1 meter long and r.a. 40cm wide, so it will be a monumental obstacle in wargames; difficult to transverse and long-during to surround!

... and in reality. source: http://www.geodienst.de/harz.htm

The "mouth" of the Teufelsmauer. Build in rigid foam, the painting does the rest...
Good obstacle on the tabletop
First test with Prussian Jaegers

The location of this strange phenomenon. Source: http://www.ausflugsziele-harz.de/ausflugsziele-sehenswertes/wandern-biken/teufelsmauer-stieg.htm

A wonderful picture of Friedrich Maier. See his blog: http://friedrichmaier.de/?p=17004

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saxon Chevauxlegers "Prinz Carl"

A beautiful Sash-and-Saber standard bearer is galloping into this image above. It is the first Chevauxlegers regiment I do for the Saxon cavalry. It is so particular because of their green coats which should be in a special "parrot green". No source is showing that color exactly, I found only a dark forest green representing their coats. I prefer this special, fancy green which gives a good contrast to the red turnbacks.
I wish a merry christmas to everybody!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Das Lager von Pirna 1756

Ths scenery should be a component of the Saxon defense strategy in 1745 (Kesselsdorf) and also in 1756 (Pirna), when the army withdraws of the Prussian invasion. So, I did a vignette showing a supply scene with hastily placed and stacked boxes, sacks and barrels with provisions for the upcoming besiege of the Prussian superiority.
It´s a vignette of 30x20 cm containing the outstanding barricade sets of Stronghold-Terrain, a set normally for 30mm dark age figures, but easily matching to our scale. The privates are hold in red Saxon uniforms of the supply troops and are composed of artillerists by Irregular Miniatures, Manske Zinnfiguren, Sash and Saber and, the officer, of Trident.

But it were not Saxony, if the supply has not some other surprises...

The officer is of the Adelige Kadettenkorps with their splendid red coats with white facings.
They hurry all!
The vignette has a backside..
Now, we understand, what is meant by totale supply in Saxony....  not for nothing, Saxony is well-known for the most beautiful girls in Germany... This daughters of joy are called Freudenmaedchen ("filles de joie"), indeed a really open welcome to the indenting troops... in every aspect...

One of the lads tried both: the Saxon Schwarzbeer AND the girl...

Here, I wanted to give a historical, serious aspect to the scenery and added the silhouette of the fortress Koenigstein in the background 
I still have the focus on the fortress, as you can see... They are miniatures of the fabulous El Viejo Dragon from Spain.

The wagon of the daughters is self-made, hold a little bit in the style of an early Canestoga Wagon.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Saxon Cuirassiers Von Arnim

This is the second Saxon cavalry unit, ready for the first maneuvers in the Saxon-Bohemian mountains, scouting Prussian Hussars approaching the borderline.
The regiment "Von Arnim" has the typical Saxon crimson red on the lapels and makes a good contrast to the first Cuirassiers, the "Koeniglicher Prinz".
The figures are of Irregular Miniatures (Cuirassiers) and of Manske Zinnfiguren (Command).
The light in Bavaria is grey and the weather is cold - so you see, the shooting goes with the seasons...