Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer battle 1: Kesselsdorf in Saxony

Good old Prince August Grenadiers make the opening of this post: The Saxon Leibgrenadiere cover an artillery position against the coming Prussian Avantgarde attack....

Yesterday we opened our summer campaign 2015 with a fast game of a Kesselsdorf scenario. which took place in 1745 and was the beginning of the Prussian invasion in Saxony.
Believing the Bavarian weather, we build the tabletop in the garden and placed the Saxons in a defense position and the Prussians in a march column from south-east with a cavalry vanguard on the south-west. The target was to break the Saxon fortifications and to expel them of the 2 villages they kept.
The result in advance: a heavy rain brought the battle to an end without a victory....


Matthias (right) and me as Prussian generals....

...and my son Levent as Saxon Maréchal!

First, we were testing our own rules, which are related to the Yahoo-group discussion of "Honours-of-War". After long preparatory discussions with Matthias, who is an expert in 18. century warfare, we simplified the rules, but gave 2 new aspects into this game:

First aspect: The role of an attacking cavalry is - in none of the known rule-books - adequately fixed: The power of the contemporary cavalry was the mass effect of the galloping horses, which thundered like a steam roller into the infantry. 
This we introduced to our rules: when a cavalry  advance in gallop into an infantry unit, it will be a break-in effect: infantry moves back 2 moves and get immediately 2 casualty points. 
This rule took great effect.

Second aspect: Artillery fires with 2 points (6pdr) and 1 point (3pdr). We took just one D6 dice for having 1-2: hit on the left side, 3-4: hit in the target, 5-6 hit on the right side. No morale values counted, no chance of defense. Conclusion: artillery was very effective, especially the battalion guns.

Prussian main army in the south-east...
Prussians advance on the right wing with heavy cavalry...

... and with infantry and artillery in the right center. In the background the Saxon positions.

Saxon Cuirassiers "Koeniglicher Prinz" move against the Prussians 
First skirmish between Prussian Cuirassiers "Von Kyau" against the Saxon "Koeniglicher Prinz"

Saxon Chevauxlegers "Prinz Carl" attacks the Prussian infantry vanguard...

Prussian cuirassiers on the left side prepare to a counterattack, but were not allowed because of too many casualties... (fire marker)
So, the Langermann dragoons swung into the gap and stopped the "Prinz Carl"

Saxon infantry passes the retiring cavalry. The ones go to the frontline, the others move back to the base camp - too many hits for continuing the battle...

Saxon "Von Minckwitz" advance to support the "Prinz Carl"

In the meanwhile, the Prussian left wing wasn´t inactive: First 2 ranks of hussars galloped forward...

...just in order to swing to the right and attacking the vulnerable part of the Saxon infantry... They were lucky: too close for getting under Saxon artillery fire..
Same scene; the view from the Saxon defense position. 
The reserve unit: Prussian "Markgraf von Brandenburg" Cuirassiers, ready for duty.....
They attack the village, where the Saxon Cuirassiers "Von Arnim" lurked... 
... followed by Polish Ulans and the Leibgrenadiergarde...

No move in the center at all... and then, the rain came...

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Prussia: Oberkommando

Prussias´ Commanders got new staff personnel: This 2 Generals are out of the marvelous range of Frontrank in UK and indeed a great joy to paint. Wonderfully done with details, you can choose between 3 heads for each figure - what a service! They are now in Fredericks duty and  hopefully successful in battles...

This is the full ordonnance with Frederick himself in the centre, assisted by officers and standard bearers (Manske Zinnfiguren).  To give such a vignette with 5 figures a higher importance, I placed two standards on it and gave them a Prussian "national" flag. Unsure if even such a flag was used, the pattern is based on some sources showing the Kurfurstliche Preussische Wappen from the beginning 18. century. The Prussian eagle, crowned and in the center, marks the flag as particular and different from regimental flags. It uses white background and black, little decorations.

Prussian flag, rebuild following several sources.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Polish Lancers

A squad of Polish lancers in Saxon duty. Planned as skirmishing light cavalry, they should fight against the Prussian Jaegers, protecting the flanks of the own army and also marauding in Prussian trains and supply depots. Historically, they did not participate on the Seven Years War, because they had the luck be stationed in Poland. Graf Rudnicki was their commander.
The figures are of Manske Zinnfiguren and placed on round vignettes.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Prussian Regiment No 11

High activity 2 months before our annual summer battle is to be seen here - in july the armies will beginn their warfare against each other and all players are invited to that weekend. The tabletop is ready, landscape elements repaired, rules corrected and dices polished... just the armies are now under construction for growing, completing or repairing some figures.
Here, I present you the newest Prussian infantry regiment No 11, von Below, just finished. It had particular woven lapels. I like very much the white grenadier caps.
The figures are of Manske Zinnfiguren, the flags self-done paper-prints.

Just as a sweet memory: a Prince August Grenadier throwing a grenade - one of the most famous and marvelous pieces of their range...

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saxon Regiment von Minckwitz

Again a range of the fabulous Trident Miniatures which I couldn´t resist and had to paint them as Saxony´s infantry regiment von Minckwitz with their french blue lapels. The formation is advancing and gives, although they are regularly placed on rectangular vignettes, a dynamic effect.
Trident Miniatures take more time to paint, but at the end, all efforts are it worth.
One reason more to order a new package of figures to paint....

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Graf Rutowsky

Saxonys´ best General, Graf Rutowsky, who warned his Majesty of the Prussian invasion in 1756 and got prepared his troops, is now commanding the 4 cavalry regiments I finished. Unfortunately, he couldn´t convince the command structures to rally and to defend Saxony against Frederick II..
His revival in our armies will correct this historical mistake - he will lead the Saxon cavalry corps.
The miniature is of the fabulous Trident, also the officer beside him (Hessians, AWI range).