Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck,
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Battle: Sturm in Pomerania

The long absence in this blog becomes evident by showing you this pictures of our annual summer battle last weekend; the last weeks were full of hasty preparations. First, we extended the tabletop format to 4m x 2,50m which means also to build a solid static foundation for the table, shearing and painting the fur, checking all the bases of the miniatures, if suitable for the convocation of the General for his next warfare...
The scenario is located in Western Pomerania, late summer, and a battle between the Russian invaders and the Prussian defenders protecting the Eastern flank of Brandenburg. The village is kept by the Prussian Corps, consisting of 7 infantry regiments, 4 artillery pieces and 3 heavy, 3 light cavalry squadrons and a Jaeger Corps - in total 700 men. The Russians had 6 infantry regiments, 1 heavy, 6 light cavalry squadrons and marauding Cossaks.
We used the "Black Powder" rulebook, but modified it a little bit.

The Russians opened the fire and moved attacks on both wings: on the left, the cavalry circumvent the forest attacking the open right flank of the Prussians; on the right, the Cossaks advanced through high grass to the village, accompanied by the Leibdragoons cavalry.

The opening

The Prussian Generals: Anselm and Matthias - very seriously discussing the situation...

The Russian Generals: Peter and Levent - so extremely confident...

The Charkow Hussars on the right wing in gallop..

... and stopping in secure distance to the Prussian Gardes du Corps Cuirassiers....

The Gardes du Corps (good old Prince August moulds..) expecting the Russian attack....

The Prussian center going into charge formation

and the Russian battery, flanked by the Tver Dragoons , expecting the Prussian cavalry attack in the center...

same scene, from above

What an amazing look, this Prussian yellow hussars, the "Canaries"! It was the first wave...

..and this is the second wave: the green hussars "Von Kleist"... In the background: the third wave, 8th and 12th Cuirassiers...

and the melee with the Novgorod infantry regiment....

Prussian General encouraging his troops...

"An die Geschütze, Jungs!!!"

Bloody fights in the center with heavy losses on both sides

Prussian reserve advancing

The center fights, seen from the Prussian side..

Russian artillery

Tver Dragoons did not retire against Prussian 12th Cuirassiers "von Kyau"

On the right side, the Russian regiments Piterbourg and Perm begun their attack of the village..

same scene, panoramic view (and modified background)

The Prussian defenders awaiting this attack, well prepared...

The Russians advance and advance....

... and got heavy casualties - they are "shaken"

This is the moment of the Russian Leibdragoons for a counterattack!!

The left wing is defended by a Prussian Grenadier regiment

Cossacks and Leibdragoons charge!

The following minutes will be terrible.....
Cossack detail

Leibdragoons detail

The howling Cossacks in charge

But the Prussians sent their Jaegers in the field, followed by the brown hussars

Charge in gallop

The Prussians will eliminate the Cossacks with 3 dices....

Who was able to flee, did it...

I took so long time for painting them - and they died in 10 minutes....

But the left wing remains in Prussian hands....
 Finally, we got a heavy storm and had to leave the garden, packaging all miniatures in their boxes - and the end of this battle day, both sides complained a lot of casualties, but no winner....
Next campaign will be more successful!°

Monday, May 19, 2014

Excursion to the palaces of 1001 nights

This is the reason for my longer absence and no progress in painting affairs: a study trip with 50 of my students to South-Eastern Turkey, the Iranian, Iraki and Syrian border to get in touch with the marvelous palaces of oriental architecture. We have been there for one week, traveling from Van to the Ishak Pasa Saray (above), a jewel at the Iranian border from the 16. century. The trip was quite adventurous, but we saw early Christian cities from the 3. century, where people speak Aramaic till today..., we saw wonderful caravansaries with big courtyards and elegant arches and, last station, the magical palace of Sanliurfa with its great fish basin à l´Arabe (below).
It inspired me for modeling more buildings for our terrain!
I just wanted to share this deep impressions with you.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Prussian Jaegers Trident

 I am really, really a fan of the Trident miniatures, made by Doug Carroccio in California. This time, i ordered some Hessian Jaegers of his AWI range in 40mm and painted them as Prussian Feldjaeger.
A wonderful skirmish unit, ready to face the Russian Cossaks!! I combined them with my Matthias-Manske-Jaegers and placed them in a morning scenery.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Russian Dragoons Tverskii

Here I present you my first regiment made of 42mm Irregular Miniatures, done by Ian Kay in UK.
In originla, they are called Austrian Dragoons, but they match very well with their purpose to be Russian Dragoons. Tver, a beautiful and old Russian city in the south of Petersburg, with an old, medieval Kreml fortress, provided 2 Regiments for the warfare in Prussia. So, they were seen at Kunersdorf and Zorndorf.
The officer, standard bearer and drummer are made by Matthias Manske - I think, this combination works well!