Wargaming the Seven Years War with 40mm miniatures, done by: Johann-Peter Scheck and Anselm Scheck

Monday, December 10, 2012

Prussia: new 6 pdr-battery

Also the Prussian artillery undergoes a process of modernization. After taking away the old Meisterzinn-cannons with the semi-flat figures of Prince August, I ordered 3 6-pdr guns with staff at Matthias Manske and 2 3-pdr guns at Sash&Saber, painted them following the marvellous drawings of Christian Rogge (http://crogges7ywarmies.blogspot.de/).
Now, the relative strength of the Prussian artillery is equal to the Russian and the French.

On the pictures some exercises in a thundery environment - the warfare at the end of autumn...

the brave Sash&Saber guys with their 3-pdr battalion gun.

The officer is taken from the Prince August collection

Fertigmachen, bereit,....!

Matthias Manske miniatures


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ray - always a pleasure to look at your blog also!

  2. Your new artillery looks very good.

  3. Wonderful pictures and picture composition.

    1. Oh, Alter Fritz, thank you - your opinion counts a lot for me.

  4. C'est toujours avec un très grand plaisir que je retrouve tes réalisations, des figurines superbes, une mise en scène parfaite et des photos qui sont un plaisir pour les yeux...
    Bravo et merci!

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    1. Yours also! Wonderful pieces you did. I wished we could meet a day and game on a huge tabletop!

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    1. Grazie, Fabrizio! Piacere di sentirti - spero che in futuro potremo comunicare in piu!

  7. Stellar artillery, Monseigneur. Nice figures & guns, well painted, well based and photographed. Nice to see a few PA's survived as well.


    1. I know you as a severe, but fair critic - so I am very grateful for your words. Thank you. I share with you the addiction for PA figures and also save them by trying to integrate them in the new 3D-figures.
      Your tip with the Peipp-Amazons was great - the look really marvellous. Honestly, I am thinking to buy some and let them participate at the SYW - just for folkloristic reasons!